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Customizable selection configuration

Customers can freely match any cloud service configuration to achieve the highest cost-effective product configuration package!

Multivariate statistical report

The foreground and background data are seamlessly connected to achieve report integration, and the required data can be viewed by days, months, years, etc

Flexible Billing

Support multiple ways of renewal, which is convenient for users to choose to renew or cancel the deactivation, and improve the user experience

Seconds deployment

Fully automated deployment can be completed quickly within 1 minute, and the industry leading deployment efficiency saves effort

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Why choose Weave Cloud?

Focus on specialty and keep improving

Elastic calculation

In GaLo Cloud, you can create and release ECS elastically according to business requirements in a few minutes to easily cope with rapid changes in business.

Diversified configuration

Provides multiple types of instances, operating systems, and software packages. The CPU, memory, hard disk and bandwidth in each instance can be flexibly adjusted.

Secure network

Ensure the security of your cloud resources through the cloud console. You can also fully control the configuration of your private network environment.

Simple management

You can use the cloud console, restart and other important operations, so managing instances is as simple and convenient as managing and operating your computer.

What does our host support?

A personal blog system
Lightweight open source blog program
Hypertext Markup Language
New generation blog system
Open source lightweight PHP framework
Hypertext preprocessor
Windows operating system
Open source operating system
Linux operating system
Linux kernel operating system
Free operating system
Linux operating system
I didn't know how easy it was to build a website of my own!
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I have been using the virtual host of voice weaving cloud, which is really super fast!
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Student Party, the virtual host of GaLo Cloud Home is really cost-effective! I hope I can keep doing it, hey hey
Billy Vasquez
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Is there anything wrong with that? Here are some answers

ECS/VPS is a server divided into completely independent hosting environments. When you have a VPS host, the system environment is completely dedicated to you. This means that you do not have to share resources (such as RAM or CPU) with other customers, and you are less likely to be affected by their behavior
Virtual host is a web hosting product based on software layer virtualization technology. Although you can't log in with the highest permission like ECS, this product has a very high cost performance
A dedicated server is a server that is truly dedicated to you and not to others, which means that your server is actually hosted in the data center, and no one except yourself shares the server
Global users do not need identity authentication
If you haven't received the email, please Add to your domain name white list and try again. SMS please confirm that you are a user in Chinese Mainland. Global users do not support SMS login temporarily. If there is any problem, contact online customer service
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